Congratulations, you found one of my “Easter Egg” pages!!!  The current giveaway contest is for 3 PRINTS: 1 SpaceX Lunar Mission Patch art print, 1 Falcon 9 Sunset Liftoff print, and 1 original hand-drawn sketch, all shipped in a landed Falcon 9 tube.

To enter, LIKE & COMMENT on my giveaway post on Facebook answering one of the following:

  1. Share a detailed idea on how you think we can improve the quality of STEM education and increase interest in it.
  2. Tell me about a kid who sincerely wants to become an astronaut or aerospace engineer.  Not a kid who you want to become an astronaut or engineer, but a kid who implicitly wants to achieve that goal themselves.

If you’re under 18 years old and want to be an astronaut or aerospace engineer of some kind, feel free to enter the contest stating your goals!

You can view the art prints here.

The art giveaway contest ends Friday, March 3rd and one winner will be chosen by 9:30am CST.  Thanks!